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For The Shippers Who Ship Too Much

Title: Youth Author: Valerie Pairing: young!Jason Freese/Ronnie…

For The Shippers Who Ship Too Much

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supernatural [team free will]
Title: Youth
Author: Valerie
Pairing: young!Jason Freese/Ronnie
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not true. Not making any money off this.
Notes: Forblue_midget . She prompted me with 'youth' almost a year ago, here it is, finally done. NOW ON TO THE OTHER THOUSANDS OF FICS AND REQUESTS I HAVE BUILT UP. ;_; 

Clumsy kisses hidden beneath overhanging branches, their fingers entangled -- flexing, palms flat. This was that summer, sixteen, and the nauseating exhilaration that accompanies all sudden drops. Ronnie slept on the floor of his room, and they stayed up — no words, but the rhythmic, constant communication of breathing: an inhale, and exhale, i think, and Jason nodded to himself in the dark. They exchanged quick, cracked-eggshell glances over breakfast, ignoring the morning paper and fried eggs. One smiled, quietly, secretly -- Jason's mother reaching for a dish and his father clearing his throat and checking the time -- and it was all right.

This was that summer, the imperfect, the unpolished (the rough patches at their elbows, a rock digging into the small of Ronnie's back, the scrape on Jason's left knee) beginning.
  • I love that Jason listens to Ronnie breathing! And the looks they give each other over breakfast while Jason's parents are seemingly oblivious (something about that part said that they knew to me). This was beautiful and perfect and said so much in so few words, thank you hun! xD
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