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For The Shippers Who Ship Too Much

Title: Youth Author: Valerie Pairing: young!Jason Freese/Ronnie…

For The Shippers Who Ship Too Much

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supernatural [team free will]
Title: Youth
Author: Valerie
Pairing: young!Jason Freese/Ronnie
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not true. Not making any money off this.
Notes: Forblue_midget . She prompted me with 'youth' almost a year ago, here it is, finally done. NOW ON TO THE OTHER THOUSANDS OF FICS AND REQUESTS I HAVE BUILT UP. ;_; 

Clumsy kisses hidden beneath overhanging branches, their fingers entangled -- flexing, palms flat. This was that summer, sixteen, and the nauseating exhilaration that accompanies all sudden drops. Ronnie slept on the floor of his room, and they stayed up — no words, but the rhythmic, constant communication of breathing: an inhale, and exhale, i think, and Jason nodded to himself in the dark. They exchanged quick, cracked-eggshell glances over breakfast, ignoring the morning paper and fried eggs. One smiled, quietly, secretly -- Jason's mother reaching for a dish and his father clearing his throat and checking the time -- and it was all right.

This was that summer, the imperfect, the unpolished (the rough patches at their elbows, a rock digging into the small of Ronnie's back, the scrape on Jason's left knee) beginning.
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